Cor-den Blimey!

In a career comeback worthy of Lazurus, Peter 'I'm a fighter, not a quitter!' Mandelson, or even Jade Goody, but without the incovenient death - James Corden has moved smoothly from public adulation, to hatred, to indifference, and back to something approximating affection, in the blink of an eye and a few editions of the Radio Times. And now Corden's rehabilitation is set to be sealed with rumours of a £6m golden handcuffs deal with ITV.

An insider told The Mirror, 'James’ football show was a roaring success. ITV are desperate to get him on an exclusive deal. But he’s a canny businessman and will only accept if it’s worth more than Chiles’ £6million over four years.'

If Corden signed to ITV, he'd be the third highest paid star behind the dark overlord of reality TV, Simon Cowell, on £10m a year, and those scamps Ant and Dec, on £5m. Good work Corden, though try to keep that ego in check - there's a good fellow...

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