Cor, he's well'ard

This weekend, Alex Reid returned to the profession that he knows best - no, not selling pointless trivia about his life to down-market tabloid mags - cage-fighting, of course! And apparently, he handled himself well, despite looking as if he'd been trampled on by a dozen screaming Peter Andre fans.

According to The Daily Mail, Reid progressed to the last round of the BAMMA 4 Middleweight Championship, where he lost in the final to Tom 'Kong' Watson. Loyal wifey Katie Price tweeted to her followers, 'I'm sure you all agree alex proved himself xx

Alex later told reporters, 'After the fight, I have a two-week break, then I get stuck into filming for my new show. I can't tell you too much about it yet but what I will have to do is bloody scary - and believe me - I'll be earning my money.'

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