Copycat cut

Yes it’s only hair, but these things are important in the land of the rich and well-groomed you know. And if you can’t be original about it, just be a good borrower instead. Take Cher Lloyd. Her artist name is borrowed from one iconic artist so why not have the hairstyle of another?

Yesterday, the woman recently voted the UK’s most talked-about new celebrity of the year (2010 that is), got out of a car sporting dyed red hair curled into ringlets and thrust into a Mohican. The Chercut, not unlike a chique attempt at a Morrissey quiff, has since sent shocks of déjà vu rippling throughout celebland at its resemblance to a look sported by Umbrella hitmaker Rihanna.

Cher was making an appearance at club Funky Mojoes in Essex. The young singer is yet to make a serious splash after being booted off the X Factor, though it seems the machine behind her is only biding its time. Will.i.am. recently revealed the pair have made a single together.

The Black Eyed Peas star tweeted: ‘The day after the last xfactor…cher loyd (sic)and I went in the studio and made a mega smasher.’

For real, or is his talk just a red hairing?

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