Cookie monster takes the biscuit

Who says the Germans have no sense of humour? A resourceful thief in Hannover has enlivened the atmosphere in that sombre city by stealing an iconic gilded cookie sculpture from outside the city’s famous bakery Bahlsen’s. The self-styled "cookie monster" is now offering to return it if the bakery distributes cookies to Hannover children.

The 44-pound sculpture of the cookie was the distinguishing mark of the bakery. Hannover police say that it was reported stolen a month ago. A ransom note asked that cookies be donated to a children’s hospital. A local newspaper then received a photo of someone dressed as the Cookie Monster character from Sesame Street biting into the stolen cookie sculpture.

The Bahlsen bakery had offered to donate 52,000 packages of cookies to various charities in return for the sculpture, but had added that it would not be blackmailed. The "cookie monster" seems to have been swayed by this show of generosity from the bakery’s owner Werner Michael Bahlsen.

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"Because Werni loves the biscuit as much as I do and now always cries and misses the biscuit so badly, I'm giving it back to him!!!" the latest note reads, in the cut-out letters beloved of movie blackmailers. It’s not made clear how this return will be effected.

The Bahlsen brand is well-known throughout Europe for its Leibniz chocolate biscuits, cakes and Christmas confectionery. It can probably afford to distribute a few free cookies in its hometown, and even throw in some of its frankly addictive dark chocolate jaffa cakes.

We’re hoping this particular tale of Teutonic crime ends happily with the sculpture back in its rightful place and cookies for all. We’re also hoping that the whole incident doesn’t turn out to be a PR stunt masterminded by some slick marketing consultant looking to refresh the Bahlsen brand.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH "Sesame Street - Cookie Monster 'Share It Maybe' Video"

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