Controversial start to X-Factor live shows

It was the first of the X-Factor live studio finals over the weekend, and as usual it was crammed full of controversial watercooler moments. For the first time, the show was split into two parts; part one was on Saturday (10 Oct), showcasing the final 12 wannabees (cue mediocre karaoke over what felt like 5 hours of TV), and part two was on Sunday (11 Oct), revealing who gets the first-embarrassing-booting-off.

All the talk in the tabloids for the past 7 days was of the cocky Dublin twins John & Edward being kicked out first, but to genuine surprise (see Simon Cowell’s reaction for details) they were kept in by the ‘Great’ British public. Left in the final two for the sing-off were the Pussycat Trolls AKA Kandy Rain and Rachael [insert surname here], who each performed an emotional one-song set which left the judges split on who should come back for another week and who should leave. So it went to whoever got the least amount of premium rate phone calls from the public - cue tears from girl group Kandy Rain.

The other big talking point from the show was judge Dannii’s bizarre comments about male contestant Danyl, whom she randomly outed as being gay/bisexual (who cares?) causing all round silence from the crowd. She clearly had a good talking to from Cowell and producers after the show because then followed an awkward apology from her on the Sunday programme.

Last year’s ‘champ’ (as Dermot annoyingly kept referring to her as) Alexandra Burke performed, as did Robbie Williams. But with the musical theme being ‘Divas’ and the terrible twins still in, this week's shows look like it will be even more of a cracker-jack.

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