Conned, eh?

Nicolas Cage is suing his former business manager for leaving him almost flat broke, and owing millions in tax. Cage wants £12million in damages for ‘gross mismanagement’ as well as for pocketing cash that wasn’t his.

Cage has had to put three mansions in the States and a castle he owns in England up for sale to pay the money he owes, which includes a £3.6million tax bill and £1.2million from a credit deal.

His financial troubles have been piling up for a while; back in August the IRS prevented him from selling a house in New Orleans after they found out that he owed £3.8million on it – more than the value of the property. That meant he had to pay the debt before he could sell the property.

Mind you, Cage can still pull in £12million a movie, so he won’t be lining up for unemployment benefit just yet.

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