We’ve been musing – about the two big pregnancy announcements – Allen and Spears.

Lovely Lily is set to be a pretty cool mum – especially as her second album will be out before she pops, ensuring she’ll have plenty of shekels to splash on the sprog. That and the fact the dad is one of the riches men in music, Ed thingummy from the Chemical Brothers.

And we wish Jamie well too. Living in the kaleidoscope shadow of her wayward big sister can’t be easy. Now she’s got something to take her mind off being ‘the other Spears girl’.

We’re sure both of them will make great mums. And we look forward with interest to hearing all about how tough it is being a parent – in a big, warm house, with an entourage and endless pots of cash to dip into whenever you need something for the little scamp.


(Image: from YouTube)

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