Confessions of an empty-ish mind

'I like chatting up girls me'. Those are the words of lovable buffoon Peter Andre who has admitted that despite what people might think (nothing?) he isn't immune to the allure of the fairer sex. Now that he's out of the pantomine evil clutches of Jordan he's enjoying trying out his chat up lines on unsuspecting birds. We dread to think what he trots out but if he doesn't use the 'Mysterious Girl' line, frankly that's a waste of good resources....

So, where did he break this news? On Twitter? Facebook? Too techy for Pete - he penned it himself, in his New! column. He says: 'Yeah, I must admit, it is a nice feeling. I like the fact that the only commitment I have is to my kids.' (Did Pete mention he has kids?), 'but I don't take advantage of it to the point where I'm out on the pull all the time. I'm not trying to make out like I'm a saint, but that kind of thing just isn't me.'

Jordan? He's well out of order. To the nearest magazine column!

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