Complaints over BBC's BNP bungle

The BBC has had to field complaints from viewers after a Newsbeat bulletin covered the BNP in the most supine and pathetic way possible, failing to offer even the most basic of journalistic interrogations to a group of fascists.

During the bizarre interview with two unnamed BNP activists, they explained that Ashley Cole wasn’t ethnically British (whatever that means) and expressed sadness at the possibility of white people becoming extinct like say, tigers, or giant pandas. Meanwhile BBC journalists sat and nodded their heads, failing to offer any sort of challenge to these nutty views.

‘A great many texts we received [after the interview] were broadly supportive of the BNP,’ said Newsbeat editor Rod McKenzie. ‘Over time, it's evident from following our listeners that the party touches a nerve of support or interest.

‘By the way, we also received messages of support from those who believed we had exposed the weakness of the BNP on a range of issues.’

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