Comedy Royle-ty

Caroline Aherne is one of the finest comedy writers working today, so it was always frustrating that her output was so inconsistent; one minute she'd be pouring forth incredible telly, like Mrs Merton and early Royle Family, the next, um Early Doors. But Caroline is back with a new comedy series, her first in ten years, which revolves around the lives of security guards, and stars... Bobby Ball. Brave casting.

An ITV PR type gushed to The Sun (well, we suppose it is their job), 'We're absolutely delighted to be working with Caroline and Jeff - two writers at the top of their game. I believe together they have created some of the best comedy scripts for television. Combined with the talent and wit of our cast, The Security Men is a very fresh and exciting project for ITV.'

We canny wait, though could somebody also persuade Aherne to bring back Mrs Merton. Pretty please?

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