Comeback kids

Over this past year, we’ve been over-run with comeback acts – Take That, the Spice Girls, the Police, Led Zeppelin and the Sex Pistols all got together either to tour or to do one-off shows.

This comeback culture even extended to Hollywood, which gave us a film about an 80s pop has-been making a last comeback - in the shape of Britain’s irritatingly ubiquitous export, Hugh Grant. So what’s behind this frenzy of bands reforming for one last bite at the cherry? Is it all down to a desire to recapture the limelight and adulation, or have we all turned into a nation of hopeless nostalgics in the absence of any new talent? Or are they merely doing it out of financial necessity to support a large entourage of children, ex-wives and spongers?

While the cynics among you have already answered that, it’s undoubtedly true that the massive rebirth of live music has created the ideal climate for the comeback kids. As CD sales have declined steadily, more and more of us have taken to shelling out to go and see our favourite bands perform live, be it at the O2 arena or Butlins. We’re prepared to pay more and more to see them, too – the cheapest Spice Girls tickets set fans back £60. Apparently we can look forward to a reformed Spandau Ballet, Wham and (sans Boy George) Culture Club in 2008. Time to get the ra-ra skirts out and remortgage the house.

(Image: from YouTube)

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