Come Lie With Me

Is there a food related Sachsgate on the horizon? Well, if you feel thoroughly souffled-off by allegations that celebrity diners on the cult C4 show don't even host the dinner parties in their OWN homes, then yes. Let's face it, most of the genius of the simple-as-boiling-egg format is having a snoop in a celeb's abode....

According to the Daily Mail, some 'celebrity houses' are actually rented properties filled with possessions from the real person to make it look like their own. Christopher Biggins for example, cooked up a soggy storm in 'his home' only for it to be revealed that it wasn't his. (He had us fooled, but then he is an actor....)

So far noone has complained, though with the Daily Mail on the case expect the C4 complaints switchboard to be heaving before the week's out.

Do we care? As long as the ironic voiceover and acidic comments about the food aren't faked, not at all. What's that? It's all scripted beforehand.....

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