Come back, Wayne

Scarlet Woman Vanessa Perroncel is still at it, claiming that she and John Terry never made the two-backed beast together, and has even made a public request to get back together with her former spurned love Wayne Bridge. You’ve got to admire the chutzpah, haven’t you?

‘It would be lovely (getting back with Bridge) but, you know, Wayne might not feel that way,’ she said, somewhat understating the case. ‘Whether we get back together or not, crazier things have happened.’ Indeed, although a friend of the football star described her as ‘living in a fantasy world’. Doesn’t sound like you’ve got much chance there, Van. Still, she can persist with telling people that she never bonked the former England captain, right?

‘No, I think I made that clear. I denied that from the start but people didn't want to hear. I've never said, 'Oh yes, I've had an affair with John Terry', I said, 'No, he was my friend'. I felt like it was getting out of hand, more than guilty. Because like I said, there was never any malicious intention in what I ever did.’ Apparently Toni Poole believes her.

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