Come back later if you want a job

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has revealed that she was offered a job as a stripper while researching her role in upcoming movie Welcome To The Rileys.

Stewart, who is seen most often dressed down in grungy clothes, plays a 16-year-old sex worker who befriends a grieving father (played by The Sopranos legend James Gandolfini), and had to spend most of filming barely clothed, and obviously managed to get ‘damaged teen’ down pat – when she went to a strip club to learn the moves with director Jack Scott the first thing the owner said was to come back later and apply for a pole position.

‘I went to my first strip club and the guy was like, 'You have to come back later if you want a job’, she said. ‘They must have thought Jake was my pimp.

‘I learned how to pole dance even though you only see it for a second in the film. I got bruises in rehearsal. It really hurts... what surprised me most was probably the fact I was so unaware that I was walking down the street with my robe open, wearing fishnets and just not caring at all. I had no inhibitions, I wasn't scared.’

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