'Come and check out my Tardis, it's deceptively big...'

The new Doctor, Matt Smith is now a bona fide celeb and therefore needs a nice juicy piece of arm candy to match his new star status. Enter from stage left Daisy Lowe, looking sumptuous in her trademark crop top and mini with come hither eyes peeping out from her fringe. The pair were spotted at the Coachella festival in California, a mecca for stars wanting to up their cool credentials by being spotted bopping to indie music (when really they much prefer a spot of mid-career Phil Collins).

According to a source at the festival, the pair 'couldn’t get enough of each other and Matt didn’t want to leave her side. Laughing and whispering into each other’s ears, they didn’t seem at all fazed by people watching them. They caught the Hot Chip set and were snogging each other’s faces off to the song Hand Me Down Your Love.'

Hmmm, this seems suspiciously like product placement. Call us cynical but, we wonder if Daisy, Matt and Hot Chip share the same PR agency?

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