Colin Farrell and Emma Forrest : settling down

A man with half a brain can only have a trophy on his arm for so long before the need for a conversation about something other than the new series of Britain's Top Model kicks in.

So Colin Farrell has whipped himself off the arm candy market and shacked up with thinking man's crumpet, Emma Forrest. Forrest is a well known British journalist and novelist (the Guardian, Observer) who, like Farrell lives in LA. They have a 'deep connection' and have been dating 'off the radar' for over 6 months. So far so perfect.

But hang on a tic, didn't Farrell get married to 'love of his life' Irish student Muireann McDonnell last month?! Yeh maybe. Then again maybe not...and even so, who cares, he's so over it! With Forrest it's the real fruit smoothie. Farrell has knocked boozing and womanizing on the head and is even threatening marriage and 2.4 kids.

“In the past, Colin has gone for stereotypical movie star girlfriends — airheads, models and glamour girls. Emma has offered him something completely different. It’s more than just a physical attraction. They are planning to move in together in LA soon, on his next break from filming” said a Sun source. Good for them. Slåinte!

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