Cole's to a new castle

So, the tragic news has been confirmed - our Cheryl is off to make her name in the US of A, leaving us with nothing but memories of that Girls Aloud video where she dressed up as Marie Antoinette, and clips of her treck to Kilimanjaro. Sob. Apparently Cheryl is buying a swanky Hollywood home to be near to her dancer friend Derek Hough. Her conviction for assault in 2003 will apparently not scupper the XFactor deal, as lawyers are attempting to 'work around it'.

A friendly source told The Daily Mail, 'Cheryl has said that she wants to buy a pad in town – but obviously she is making plans to buy a property in Los Angeles. There is no dispute regarding anything between Cheryl and Ashley. Despite the gossips, the financial discussions have been very amicable.’

Dezza's exceedingly chatty step-dad confirmed the news that Cheryl is moving to LA to be near her dancer pal, ‘She came over to see him a few weeks ago. I can say that when you love someone you want to be around them.’

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