Coleen’s Real Women

Last night the new TV series by super-WAG Coleen McCloughlin entitled Coleen’s Real Women was aired. The premise of the show – to find REAL women and land them modelling contracts. (Does this mean Naomi Campbell is a cyborg, by the way?)

So what’s a reeeeal woman? Someone who’s average, apparently – around 5’4” and a size 12/14, according to our Col.

Thing is, when Coleen hits the streets of London, the first woman she approaches is a 5’11” stick insect. Next she Col-lars (geddit?) a slightly more voluptuous woman at around 5’10”, then the obligatory shorty at 5’4”.

So, who got the “job”? Not the skinny skyscraper, but the more voluptuous leviathan. So she kind of broke the mould – a bit? Finally we get a shot of the campaign and what have Pretty Polly gone and done. They’ve only cropped out most of what made our real woman real, leaving only a pair of long, long legs. Woops…

The only thing worse than the complete failure to get the average woman into the world of fashion was Coleen’s constant self-deprecation – you know, because she’s a reeeeeal woman too with real worries. Uuugh, pur-lease…

(Image: from YouTube)

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