Coleen 'shaken' over blackmail plot

Friends of Coleen Rooney have told the press that she is 'sickened' by a recent blackmail attempt. Coleen and Wayne have apparently stepped up security at their Cheshire home after a gang attempted to negotiate a payment of £10,000 from the couple in return for stolen photos.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'She has been left shaken to the core over the latest incident... She was really upset. She was sickened that strangers had taken the camera and were trying to use such personal and private pictures to make some money.'

According to police reports, a gang of thieves nabbed Coleen's camera during a Black Eyed Peas gig. The gang then contacted the Rooneys to attempt to extort £10,000, by claiming that the pictures would be published on the internet unless the couple paid up. Police then staged an undercover sting, arresting two men and a woman.

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