Cole to demand divorce 'within weeks' according to reports

Cheryl Cole will demand a divorce from her husband Ashley 'within weeks' according to reports in the Daily Mail.

An unnamed friend of the Girls Aloud singer told the tabloid that Cheryl has decided enough is enough after revelations about her footballing husband's alleged indiscretions hit the headlines.

'Cheryl is exhausted with it all. There was a point when she was going to ride it all out, but she has heard rumours of more women and cannot face it,' the mystery 'friend' is reported to have said.

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole is alleged to have sent naked photos and videos to a number of women as well as enjoying a series of hotel trysts with other women.

Cheryl flew to LA yesterday to escape the UK press only to be met by an army of US paps. The X Factor judge was snapped without her £160,000 wedding ring fuelling speculation that her four-year marriage is over.

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