Cole sets sights on music biz

Ashley Cole is determined to carve out a career once his time on the pitch is over, and has his sights set on the world of hip hop and rap. According to reports, Cole has met Jay-Z and is in discussions to collaborate with the star to establish a record label.

A friend of Cole told The Sun, 'Ash is a big hip-hop fan and is mates with rappers like Tinchy Stryder so it's no surprise that he wants to work with Jay-Z. After spending years married to Cheryl Cole he knows a bit about the business too. He's still got a good few years playing ahead of him but is looking ahead to what he'll do when he leaves the game.'

Cole has been candid in the past about his desire to join his wife in the biz, saying, 'There are a few people I've spoken to including other players who are involved in music. I love Tinie Tempah, some 50 Cent, Eminem and I like meeting guys like Tinchy. So it's something I'd like to do when I'm finished playing. I hope so.'

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