Cole: “After Girls Aloud I’ll be pop mentor”

As the UK struggles with the shock of the twins from The Shining not getting booted off the The X-Factor at the weekend, it was Cheryl Cole's turn to keep the reality TV snowball rolling this morning. After wading through a sea of teenage fans (shouldn’t they be a school?) the pop princess told Chris Moyles on the Radio 1 breakfast show that once Girls Aloud is done and dusted she wants to continue to mentor new acts: “I love it, I really do, you don’t realise the buzz I get from nurturing these new acts. Seeing their potential and then making it happen for them. When Girls Aloud eventually ends I wanna continue doing it”.

In the interview she also stated how nervous she was about performing her new single ‘Fight For This Love’ on this Sunday’s (18 Oct) results show. Uh, it’s alright Chezza-baby, you could even start a nightclub brawl and we’d still love you.

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