Coldplay reveal latest song A Sky Full of Stars to fans

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Coldplay today revealed another of their new songs with their fans. A Sky Full of Stars is the fifth single to be made public from Coldplay's upcoming new album.

The track has been produced by flavour of the month Avicii and you can easily spot his influence on the song as it bursts into life midway through after gently beginning as a soft ballad with soothing piano.

The song is featured on the latest Coldplay album, Ghost Stories, which will be released on May 19th. The album is, as with all Coldplay offerings, eagerly anticipated by fans and A Sky Full of Stars is right up there with some of the band's best stuff.

As part of the promotion of Ghost Stories, Coldplay have enlisted the help of libraries from around the world. They have hidden lyric sheets, handwritten by Chris Martin himself, for the songs on the album in random libraries. Fans eager to find their own set have been told to look inside ghost story books.

VIDEO: Coldplay new song called ''A Sky Full Of Stars' in collaboration with Avicii

One lucky fan will not only find handwritten lyrics but also a set of tickets to see Coldplay play live at the Royal Albert Hall this summer. The new album comes as a welcome distraction for Chris Martin as he bids to begin life after Gwyneth Paltrow.

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