Colchester Zoo Wolf on the Loose in Essex Streets

Police are on the hunt for a missing wolf that escaped from Colchester Zoo in Essex. According to Essex Police, the wolf is on the loose on residential streets after making an escape through a fence at the zoo on Tuesday.

Local residents are being told to “keep young children inside” until the wolf is captured and the police have warned that the wolf “should not be cornered in any way". An official spokesperson for the county’s police force said: “Police are assisting staff at Colchester Zoo in the search for a wolf which escaped. The helicopter and ground units are searching Maldon Road and the fields surrounding. Officials at the zoo said wolves are naturally timid but should not be cornered in any way.”

In all five wolves escaped through the broken fence, but one came back immediately and another was stopped with a tranquiliser dart. Two more were shot and killed as “they were further away and an anaesthetic dart takes 15 minutes to take effect,” so they would have also escaped according to the zoo’s statement. That left the one escapee which police are now trying to trace with the help of the public. A police helicopter has also been drafted in to assist with the operation.

There have been reports of sighting of the animal and the police have been using social media to update everyone on their progress. One tweet said: “Positive sighting of escaped wolf near @ColchesterZoo and area being contained.” But so far the animal remains on the loose.

The zoo is naturally distressed at this incident, “Colchester Zoo’s keepers have been devastated by the loss of two of their beloved Timber wolves,” they said in a statement. The zoo is trying everything to find the animal, even using a thermal imaging camera to scan the surrounding area for the missing wolf.

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