Clothes Mor-gone

Make sure you wait till after you've digested your lunch before you read the next part of this sentence; Piers Morgan has stripped off for a Burger King advert. Which would be bad enough in itself, but the fact it's for a BK fragrance called Flame makes it even worse.

The new whiff, which apparently is 'the scent of seduction. With a hint of flame-grilled meat', is sure to be little more than a PR gimmick. Surely no-one could be persuaded to buy a beef-scented perfume by looking at an ex-Mirror editor covering up his package with red velvet cloth? We live in hope.

Anyway the former muck-raker has denied that he used a body double, saying that was 'wild press speculation'. Well he'd know, wouldn't he? In any case, why use a body double when Photoshop is your friend?

If you do want to see the pic, check out the link below. You wierdo.

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