Clooney to marry?

Followers of the decades long saga that is 'George Clooney and his noble fight against matronimy' will note that we have been here before. This is certainly not the first time that rumours abound that Georgie might, just might, at the ripe old age of 49, be ready to make an honest woman of whatever perky young piece he's dangling on his arm.

According to The Mirror, excited tourists are gathering on little rowing boats at the edge of Clooney's Lake Como palazzo, because (gasp) a marquee has been erected, which may be used for a wedding.

His comely squeeze, Elisabetta Canalis recently gushed in an interview that George has bestowed calm on her life - along with some useful A-list contacts and a nice pile of dosh, 'Thanks to him, I have found serenity. There’s a change within me and it’s thanks to the person at my side...I am a tomboy. I am not the sort of girl who dreams of becoming a mother but I do believe in matrimony.'

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