Clooney learning Italian from Canalis

While most people who want to learn another language have to slum it at a night course taught by someone who would rather be at home watching the box George Clooney is learning Italian from his new squeeze Elisabetta Canalis.

People magazine reports that the Hollywood heavyweight is receiving one-to-one language lessons from the 31-year-old Italian model. Speaking about his new teacher Clooney told the magazine: 'She's always nice to me. She always says nice things!'

Commenting on Clooney's language skills Canalis is reported as saying: 'He is learning.' The pair have been stepping out since last year after they met through designer Roberto Cavalli. The fashion guru believes that they are the perfect couple.

'George and Elisabetta are in love. They're both gorgeous, fascinating people and their romance is a dream. People need to dream and this couple's love story reminds you of those legendary romances of the past.'

'I think I was one of the first people she confided in about George. At first, I did wonder how an Italian girl like Elisabetta could date such an American guy like George, but time has shown that this great love is going to last. In fact, I'd bet anything on it, and it's my wish for both of them.'

Canalis was pictured on Clooney's arm at the recent National Board of Review Awards in New York, where the 48-year-old actor picked up the Best Actor gong for Up in the Air.

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