Clooney and the Beckhams : New Best Friends

There's something about Vicky and Dave that gets US celebs foaming at the bits to be mates with them. George Clooney is the latest USleb to fall foul of the illusive Beckham charm - apparently making a desperate bid for their friendship aboard a private jet recently.

Clooney, Vicky and Dave all boarded Giorgio Armani's private rocket on their way to the £7,500 a ticket Costume Institute Gala in New York on Monday. And during the course of the 2000 mile flight became : New Best Friends.

Clooney was initially wooed by the Beckhams at a dinner the evening before in which Vix firmly 'clutched the conch' - cracking dry British gags that George understood - but that lots of far dimmer Americans had thusfar failed to grasp.

On board the luxury jet, the loved up trio guzzled Cristal, grazed on crustaceans, snoozed and even hung around waiting for Dave to have a kick about in Utah (a scheduled stop for an LA Galaxy game) - before bowling up to the NYC gig, a bit merry and still chatting ten to the dozen.

Once at the gala the NBFFs quaffed a massive dinner. got a bit more bladdered - and then popped on their disco boots for a bop at trendy nightspot Bungalow 8.

Queen Victoria and King David reign supreme.

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