Cliff Richard beating off male celebrities!

Christmas is a mere five weeks away, which means people who are a little short on creative ideas for gifts to get for a not-so-close family member opt for a cheap-and-cheerful-if-tacky calendar. All the big gun poptarts will have one this year but who do you think has the biggest selling calendar for 2011 so far? Justin Bieber? JLS? Michael Bubbles?

Cliff Richard, that’s who. Yes, Sir Cliff the veteran, one of the UK’s first ever popstars. According to Amazon, Cliff is the fastest selling male calendar beating off (no pun intended, obvs) all other male celebrity calendars. Amy Worth from the website said; 'the fact that Sir Cliff is holding off competition from the likes of JLS and Justin Bieber shows just how popular he is and it seems that his images will be adorning walls in people's homes all over the UK from 1 January.’

Sir Cliff’s calendar is a celebration of him adorning 70 years on this mortal coil,. Word of warning, one month has Cliff without his top on. Let’s hope it’s not January. NIPPLES!!!!

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