Clegg no wizard, says Harry Potter

It might not be high up the Deputy Prime Minister’s list of priorities, but Harry Potter thinks that Nick Clegg has lost his magic. The actor Daniel Radcliffe was a high-profile supporter of the Liberal Democrats at the last General Election, but now is withdrawing support in disgust at Clegg’s role in the coalition government.

Back in 2010 Radcliffe was saying he rather liked Clegg and that he was fed up with New Labour. He has changed his tune recently, as he told Attitude magazine.

"Nick Clegg has become a whipping boy," he said. "He has been totally used by the Tories. Anything they don't want badly reflected on them, they reflect on to him. It's very unfortunate when you think how impressive he was in those pre-election debates. But he has made so many concessions."

Radcliffe also expressed admiration for the Labour leader Ed Miliband, saying, "I really like him. He speaks for what I believe in. I think he's genuinely left-wing — and will act as such if he gets in."

Radcliffe faces the tricky task of conjuring up a more adult image after the long years playing the clean-cut boy wizard. He has had several stage and screen roles that have managed to be departures from Potter, including a part in the horror film The Woman In Black.

His next project will be the film Kill Your Darlings, in which Radcliffe has some nude scenes. As he told Heat magazine, that doesn’t bother him. "I’m comfortable with my body," he said.

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