Claudia Leitte criticized by Brazilian fans for 2014 World Cup song

  • @MundoLeitte - Twitter

Fans of Brazilian pop queen Claudia Leitte are far from happy with her new song We are One (Ole Ola). The song is the official song for the upcoming World Cupand has a positive vibe featuring chanting, whistle over a quick tempo.

Leitte teamed up on the single with rapper Pitbull and pop legend Jennifer Lopez which aimed to capture the spirt of Brazil in honour of the event. However, many Brazilians have been venting on social media sites over the song not being authentically Brazilian.

Many of those complaining online felt that the official song for this years event should have featured only Brazilian artists and even a samba in a bid to promote national artists and culture more.

Fans were also up in arms over a photo that was posted on Facebook featuring Pitbull and J Lo but Leitte was photoshopped out of the image for some reason. This irked fans as they feel that Leitte, as the only Brazilian involved in the project, should be getting more spotlight.

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We are One (Ole Ola) is featured on the Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Album which gets its release on May 13th.

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