Marrying an extremely wealthy pensioner, claiming to have had a sexual experience with a ghost, putting your entire life on TV and generally seeming a bit unhinged: the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith was a bit well, odd. The mystery surrounding her death three years ago hasn’t yet been solved, with it still not being clear whether psychiatrist Dr Khristine Eroshevich was involved or not. She is facing drugs conspiracy charges.

That didn’t stop her attending a séance, mind you. Maybe she thought that her dead former patient might exonerate her from beyond the grave, saving her from being judged by imperfect human courts of law. The whole sordid spectacle was conducted in LA by ‘psychic’ Shane Goldfarb, and also attended by Patrick Simpson, co-author of Anna Nicole-Smith, Portrait Of An Icon, who claimed that the former model told them that she was ‘sad she had to leave her daughter, but she really had to be with Daniel (her 20-year-old son who died months before her death)’. The séance took place on the three year anniversary of her death; classy, no?

It is thought that the depression that followed her son’s death led to her own overdosing of prescription medications, for which Eroshevich and two others – Howard K. Stern and Dr Sandeep Kapoor – are due to stand trial on 4 August.

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