Classic Rupert

Ah. How we love Rupert Everett. Every so often, a celebrity gem like him pops up to tell us how the biz really is. Answer: often dull. The 50 year old (yes, 50 - he's ageing better than Madonna) is his fantastically entertaining self in this interview with the Daily Mail. Some choice cuts:

On being being 50.
'It's very easy, when you're middle-aged, to peel off from the world and start hating everything that's happening now and everything that's new and become whiney and whingey and all that kind of stuff. They say 50 is the new 40 but I don't really believe it.'

On changing.
Yes, I've changed enormously. I don't have the same curiosity. At 20 you can't stay at home because you're so worried that you'll miss out on something that's happening. Now I'm not very curious to meet anyone. I've met tons of people and in the film world it's all over-rated. I think everyone's better on film than actually meeting them.'

On drugs pickling his brain.
'You can't take drugs when you're 50. I want my brain to continue functioning. The thing I'm worried about most now is brain disease. Having taken so many drugs in my life, I think, oh my god, what about all my neuro things? I don't think I ever had a drug problem - I just took a lot of drugs. But slowly I stopped and if I take any drugs now, it's just prescription pills.'

Apart from odd nights I don't stay up very late. The only thing that's going wrong is that I think I'm becoming alcoholic. I'm drinking more and rehearsing this play [Pygmalion] has almost driven me to alcohol because it's so nerve-racking. Cider has become my new tipple! I can see myself ending up like Richard Burton, because the business is very stressful and I even started smoking again during rehearsals for this.

Doing the wild thing.
'No. Sex to me seems like smoke and mirrors, really. For my generation sex was so commercialised. Now, everyone comes out of the womb, waving a model agency contract if they're good looking. There's no ambiguity in it. Everything's so cut and dried.' (Steady on Rupes.) 'But sex can be fabulous. It's the only thing that you can do for free for yourself.'

Classic Rupert.....

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