Classic panto gets stir-Fry treatment

Stephen Fry has written a new, spicier version of Cinderella for this year’s Christmas pantomime at London’s Old Vic theatre.

Unsuspecting families may be in for a surprise. According to a spokesperson, this year’s classic panto has been “cheekily updated” for the 21st century.

Knowing Fry, and knowing the 21st century, we can expect fruity gags galore at the expense of the human anatomy. Look out for adult single entendres aimed just above the heads of the screaming seven-year-olds.

With Actress Pauline Collins returning to the West End stage after 15 years to play the fairy Godmother and Sandi Toksvig as narrator, the cast looks promising. And the added spice will surely give the odd teenager something to giggle about.

In Fry’s eyes the panto offers “genuine interactivity”. Maybe he’s trying to appeal to a knowing audience who are bored after years of the traditional style. Just pity the poor parents who’ll have to be on guard to cover the little ones’ ears. Oh yes they will.

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