Clash of the poptart titans

After years of petty name calling, UK pop tarts Cheryl Cole and Lily Allen have finally met, and to no surprise they did what they do best: called each other more names .

A bitter exchange of words first took place back in 2007 when Cheryl was a guest on Gordon Ramsay's show. She used the airtime to brand Lily a ‘chick with a dick’. Nice. Since then poptart Lily has knocked down Cheryl at any opportunity, including calling her a ‘stupid b*tch’ and branding her footballer husband Ashley Cole ‘horrendous’. (Alright, so some French magazine made that up...but still....)

The full time X-Factor judge and part time Girls Alouder, told Glamour Magazine what it was like when she met her arch nemesis for the first time recently: ‘I met Lily for the first time last week. I gave her a hug and said, 'Nice to meet you'. To which she said, 'There is no beef'.

'Then I hear she was in the press room taking the piss and I thought, 'She's a little girl but I'm a 26-year-old woman and I'm not at school anymore'.

Handbags ladies, handbags....

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