Chupa Chumps...

What a week it's been for lovers of mysterious animals that probably don't really exist. Firstly two men may have found Bigfoot in the US state of Georgia. And now a Texas lawman claims to have video footage of the fabled Chupacabra, the goat-sucking vampire rodent said to go about its business in South America.

Brandon Riedel was out training a new deputy when they came across the Chupacabra, bold as you like, walking down a dusty path. Quick as a flash they captured the vampire on video, and then set about explaining why what they'd seen was the reclusive creature, rather than what it actually looks like, a coyote with fairly big ears.

Still locals seem to believe it's true, though it might be the idea of Chupacabra-loving tourists rather than any hard evidence that is making up thier minds. One said "It's like every good urban legend, maybe it's better to just think it is the Chupacabra and just leave it at that."

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