Christmas No.1 revealed

Once again newswires have been sent into meltdown (this is not true) with reports that Simon Cowell has chosen this year’s X-Factor winner’s song. As previously rumoured (this wasn't true either) it won’t be Journey’s 1981 power ballad ‘Don’t Stop Believin’.

According to The Sun (the newspaper that made the Journey prediction), ‘The Climb’ from the film Hannah Montana will be the song that one of the four remaining hopefuls will sing.

And if you were thinking ‘yeah, yeah, I still don’t believe you’ then, don’t fret because the newspaper has a quote from a source backing up their claim: ‘It's a very girly song so Olly and Danyl weren't that great at it’. See, told you.

Maybe time to put a little wager on for the Christmas No.1?

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