Christine 'I won't quit'

The story of Daybreak's initial success followed by ever plummeting ratings is, by now, familiar to us all. So pity poor Christine Bleakley, who has to contend with defending herself and the show wherever she goes. Christine, talking to journalists last night, vowed to stay on and make Daybreak the next GMTV, or something...

The Daily Mail, 'It’s been a strange few months, it’s been rather up and down. But we always knew it was going to be hard. We knew going in that the ratings would drop, we were waiting for it – and people are treating it like it’s something unexpected. It’s always difficult to launch a new show and I’m exhausted – getting up at 3am every day takes its toll on you – but I’m not going anywhere. It’s unfortunate other people don’t quite believe in us yet.’

We'll give you a couple of ideas for free; ditch the beige set, it's awfully depressing to look at in the mornings, and no more 'hilarious' clips about skateboarding dogs. Then we'll watch. Promise.

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