Christina arrested

You've got to hand it to Christina Aguilera, she sure knows how to sniff out scandal. Clearly not satisafied with provoking the ire of the whole of America by fluffing her lines during the anthem singing at the Superbowl, the singer has now gone and got herself arrested for driving under the influence. That's DUI for acronym fans.

Cops told The Daily Mail, 'She was not belligerent, just intoxicated. It was a safety issue. When she was able to navigate on her own she was released.' Hmm, that sounds like us pretty much every evening...

According to reports, friends are incresingly worried for Aguilera's mental state, saying that she has been 'partying' hard since her split with Jordan Bratman. In January, the star gatecrashed actor Jeremy Renner's party, proceeded to get trollied, then passed out in his bedroom.

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