Christian Bale throws strop on Terminator 4 set

Turns out that Christian Bale allegedly flying off the handle with his mother and sister, might be pretty standard behaviour for the caped crusader.

Reports in the US are surfacing of a tantrum that Bale had on the set of Terminator Salvation recently. Apparently the cinematographer botched a shot and had to redo it, but instead of getting on with it Bale kicked off at the wearied movie hack. 'I'll kick your fu*kin ass' he's reported as saying (amongst other very angry things).

The scene was shot on at Kirtland Air Base in New Mexico with a few thousand extras and crew milling round earwigging. As such it's wormed it's way straight into the media. True or not, funny how these stories come out of the woodwork right when Bale's character is called into question. Noone probably even gave it a second thought before!

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