Christian Bale is internet gold

Christian Bale might have made a right tit of himself recently with his taped celebrity strop on the set of Terminator but he's become an unwitting star of the web in the process.

A mere 24 hours after the recording appeared on the internet a particularly awesome dance remix of the rant had appeared, entitled, 'what the f*ck is it with you?' and the term 'to Bale-out' become common parlance. A company in the States are selling T-shirts with the slogan 'Me and you are f*cking done professionally' which are said to be flying off shelves, and Twitter has reported a record number of Tweetage due to the scandal.

Bale's therapist mother Jennifer Bale is also looking on the bright side claiming that now at least people will understand how he really is. "People might now realise that that is his temper, they might understand a bit more" she said speaking of the verbal attack he launched on her and his sister last year.

Every cloud....

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