Chris Moyles out! Vernon Kay in!

It’s been reported that Chris Moyles’ tenure as the host of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show will come to an end next year, and he will be replaced by current Radio 1 mid-morning presenter Vernon Kaye.

The Daily Mail say the change will happen in July when Chris yes-yes-we-know-you-climbed-a-mountain-now-please-play-a-bloody-record Moyles' current contract expires. A BBC source was also quoted as saying; "Vernon Kaye is extremely popular and the radio bosses love him. No formal offer has been put in yet - there's still seven months left on Moyles' deal after all - but he is definitely in the frame."

It’s common knowledge that Moyles wants to stay until at least May 10 when he will become Radio 1’s longest running Breakfast Show presenter - that and his £650,000 salary of course.

Thankfully he also has fingers in many other pies - but that has nothing to do with his career....

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