Chris Moyles – your favourite DJ…

On the Sun newspaper’s web discussion forums, there is a thread that asks if Chris Moyles is our favourite DJ.

Mmm… This got us thinking: what is the definition of a radio DJ? We can’t decide if the fragrant Mr Moyles is our favourite DJ, if we can’t agree what a DJ is.

He or she used to be the person who threaded coherent chit-chat, information and news through a series of self-selected records broadcast on the radio. The chat and the records appealed to a self-defining group, usually. So, anyone listening to, say, John Peel, would be a lover of new, obscure music. Those listening to Howard Stern wanted shock and awe. On this basis, Chris Moyles’s is not a DJ, let alone our favourite.

If a radio DJ is now simply someone who burbles incomprehensibly between a pre-selected, commercially-driven playlist of bubblegum pop, screeching at celebrities and repeating the same awful jokes ad nauseam, then we’re sure Chris Moyles is not a DJ in that respect either. Is he? We’ve never bothered to tune in.

(Image: from YouTube)

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