Chris Martin tries his hand at flirting

Now there are some men in life who are naturally brilliant at flirting; funny, playful and just the right side of cheeky chappy.....and there are others who really should leave it to the professionals. Step forward Mr Chris Martin.

The James Morrison doppelganger got his schmooze on the other night at the Q Awards, but his 'flirting' technique wasn't so much young rock star on the prowl, as mid-life crisis dad at his daughter's eighteenth.

It all started during Chris' acceptance speech for Best Act in The World when he mistakenly slagged off The Mirror. “Thanks to everyone we’re friends with apart from people who slag us off and the Daily Mirror.” However when the Mirror girls went to berate for him for his meanness, Martin couldn't have been cuddlier.

“I’m so sorry. “It was all a mistake – I know you’re lovely. I meant to mention another horrible newspaper and for some reason the Mirror popped into my head. I genuinely didn’t mean anything – I’m so sorry. You’re my number one girls. ” Excuse us while we puuuu...

Make that wretch - the big chunder comes next. When handing an award to ex Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews, Martin then continued his smarm offensive. “Eight to 10 years ago we supported Catatonia on tour and you let me hold your cigarette and I thought, ‘Maybe I’ve got a chance’” Gearing up for that technicoloured yawn.

The blander than rice crackers rockster then commented on his favourite commericial girl band of all time, Girls Aloud, “I can’t just say I fancy Cheryl, it’s like a Rubik’s cube. You need all the colours together, just like 3am. You can’t have one without the other.” Puuuuuuuuuuuke! Whoop there it is.

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