Chris Evans confirmed as Captain America

Ever since a big screen reboot for Captain America was announced last year, t’interweb has been a buzz with possible blue lycra wearing candidates - Channing Tatum, Sebastian Stan and Chace Crawford to name but a few. However, Total Film scooped the exclusive first confirming that the one but not the only Chris Evans will be the man.

Deets are short and sweet at this stage but it’s reported that Joe Johnston’s First Avenger comics will be getting a 9 - that’s 9 mega-film deal, with Chris Evans picking up a minor $300,000 per picture. The first adaptation swings into cinemas in July of next year.

Chris Evans isn’t unfamiliar to superhero roles having played Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films.

The Jonathan Ross as arch-nemesis Red Skull rumours start here..

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