Chris Brown nosing

Pop star Chris Brown posted a cryptic message on his Twitter page yesterday that suggested he is missing a certain something, or someone, sparking rumours that he wants to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Seeing as he’s got five year’s probation and six months community labour for knocking seven shades of pop out of her in a jealous rage, that’s not going to happen, but nevertheless he scrawled a lonely hearts ad, which read: ‘MY HEART IS INCOMPLETE... the part that is complete is my love for fans, career, friends, family, God. But I'm missing someone or something.’

He followed that up with an apology to his fans for letting them into his soul like that. ‘Sorry all, just one of those days.’ The remarks have sent the internet all a flutter with rumours that he’s trying to reach out to her (you’d better watch that restraining order, Brown), but for all they know he could be missing a cuddle from his mum, or really want a bacon sandwich. Your guess is as good as anyone’s, frankly.

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