Chris Brown 'doesn't remember' Rihanna assault

Against all the odds, Chris Brown's PR machine is rumbling on. The singer sparked strong criticism yesterday after a chat with Larry King in which he claimed he couldn't remember his vicious attack on ex girlfriend Rihanna.

In his first public interview since the attack, Brown claimed he was horrified to learn the gruesome details of the assault from the police report. He also admitted to still loving Rihanna, and to the fact that he would be 'affected' if she got together with someone else.

Brown's mother Joyce Hawkins, defended her son by saying he was never in trouble at school for violence and that when she learned of the attack she was 'totally shocked.' In the full length version of the chat she also tearfully told of how she had spoken to Rihanna after the assault. “I let her know that I was very, very baffled, what had happened, and apologized for my son, along with I’m so sorry what happened to you. And I didn’t know what — I didn’t know what else to say, and I gave her a hug, and she hugged me, as well.”

Check out the short clip below and judge for yourself how remorseful Brown is. One thing's for sure, the baby blue pullover with bizarre matching dickie bow doesn't do him any favours... Still, at least he's kind of apologised at last. Kind of.

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