Chris Brown apologises for Rihanna assault

R ‘n’ B weasel Chris Brown has admitted on tape that he beat up his former girlfriend Rihanna and apologised to his fans.

The singer asked for forgiveness for the sickening assault in a video released on his website and explained that he had done the same to Rihanna. Because he is a rich pop star he won’t be going to jail however, and is likely to be given six months community service.

'I wish I had the chance to live those few moments again, but unfortunately I can't,’ he said. ‘I have told Rihanna countless times and I am telling you today that I am truly, truly sorry. What I did was unacceptable - 100%. I can only ask and pray that you forgive me.

‘I have let a lot of people down I realise that. Nobody is more disappointed in me than I am.’

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