Chris and Gwynny set to adopt

Chris and Gwynny are the latest celebrity couple to realise they simply cant go on being rich and fabulous without rescuing a kid. Apparently says Gwyn, ‘when you’re a person ‘of means’ you simply have to adopt’. All in a tizz from Madonna’s Malawi fundraiser, the wholesome pair have announced their intention to adopt a child from Gwyn’s hometown New York City.

And what a media revival that’d be. Especially with reports on the jungle vine suggesting Gwyny’s up the duff again…. A celebrity 2 Point Four Children anyone? That’d certainly see off any career slump.

So the rolling snowball that is the Help the Homeless Celebrity Movement is gathering momentum. What with high profile adopters Madonna and Brangelina at the helm this could soon be one out of control juggernaut. But does the snow have a sickly yellow tinge to it? With hundreds of millions in the bank, why not help a whole nation rather than just one child? No shopping at Baby Gap we know but it’d certainly be ‘giving something back’.

Final thought. What to name the adoptee? We wonder if they’ll take inspiration from other child Apple and adopt a morbidly obese boy from the Bronx. Then they could call him? Keep up at the back...The Big Apple.

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