Chloe given the Ex Factor

For days, XFactor honchos, including Cowell, had defended their decision to keep Chloe (aka the one who's a vice girl) on the show. However they ran out of excuses at the weekend, when Chloe arrived to the auditions after a night out, smelling of booze. This, coupled with a classic tabloid sting, where Chloe was filmed taking cocaine and chatting about her nightly earnings, meant that the show's producers had little choice other than to kick the contestant off the XFactor.

According to The Daily Mail, Chloe told an undercover reporter, 'This job, you know, it gets you bad with the coke. I hadn’t had it for two years and I started doing this work and now I do it every night. If I carry on like this I’ll be a coke head as well as a hooker.’

Chloe also revealed that her young daughter had seen her high, ‘One of my mates had been looking after Destiny while I was with the dealer but she came into the kitchen and saw me. I felt really bad being ****** in front of my little girl.’

Simon Cowell has said that this year's show will rely less on back-stories and more on talent, 'What we are trying to avoid is 17-year-olds coming up with pathetic sob stories and singing songs that are too old for them in the hope they are going to be popular. I don’t want this to be a popularity competition, I think it is important that it remains a talent competition.' Hmm, we're not sure it's quite working so far...

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